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IdealSpot launched Car Wash Ventures to provide Car Wash Operators with Free 1-3-5 Mile Reports

IdealSpot launched Car Wash Ventures -- A website where owners and operators of Car Washes can get a free 1-3-5 mile report for their car wash bu

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Persona Mapping – The Data Science Behind Identity

The holy trinity of data science is Identity + Intent + Location. Persona is the identity component of data science. It’s the...

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Using Brand Affiliation for Competitor’s Locations

Analyzing competitor locations using traditional data sets like demographics and traffic counts is a great way to get started. But there is a...

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Cloning Successful Locations

Your franchise has tens, hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of locations. As a business owner, you are focused on ensuring efficient...

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FAQ - Traffic Reports

What is included in your traffic reports?First, we include the industry standard Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT). This shows the typical...

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Territory Cutting - Affordable Heat Maps

The traditional 1/3/5 mile radius is an inaccurate way of determining territories and trade areas. It is much more modern, better and accurate..

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Location Analysis – Picking the Best Hands

Winning at poker requires discipline and strategy. Making the correctly sized bet for the cards that you are dealt. The best poker players...

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Location Analysis- Dollars and Cents

As a landlord, you work to ensure that the physical characteristics of your property check all the boxes; it is well-maintained, has good...

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Six Ways to Monetize Traffic Counts

Vehicle traffic is key to a successful retail location. However, not all traffic is created equal. Commuters, lunch crowds, and weekend...

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