Local market research for a changing economy

Drive smarter growth with the industry’s most accurate, accessible, and up-to-date local market research platform.

What you can do with IdealSpot

Prepare for demographic shifts and new demand trends

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Track changes in your local competition

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Develop a deep understanding of vehicle and mobile device tracking patterns

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Build comprehensive reports and maps customized for your business

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Make data-driven local market decisions

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Shifting demographics and new purchasing behaviors require active monitoring of local market trends

We’ll give you the most accurate and accessible local market analytics in commercial real estate.

Better data and analysis leads to a better understanding of local market opportunities and risk analysis.

We work within your budget.

With pay-as-you-go and subscription options, we have right-sized pricing to fit any business.

Automate and optimize your property marketing efforts.

We blend innovative and traditional datasets with powerful visualizations to empower you with unique sales and investment narratives.

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25,628 registered businesses, across 12 commercial real estate verticals, use IdealSpot’s 3,000+ datasets and location science to help them build intelligence in their local markets.