Understand supply and demand in your local market.

We provide intuitive and detailed reports to help retailers find
underserved markets and analyze what makes a location successful.

The IdealSpot process — it all starts with intent

We capture
signaled intent

It all starts with user intent. We capture this intent through search, social, and other channels to identify where the current demand is.

Data is aggregated
and curated

We then mix and model signaled intent with other more traditional datasets, to create the most accurate and actionable insights into local markets. We can even add client data to provide additional insights.

We deliver
real estate insight

Armed with better data and insights, anyone within the commercial property ecosystem can make better, more informed decisions on either their current local markets, or potential markets.

We help everyone in the
commercial property ecosystem


Retail & Restaurants

Find where your customers are located and where the biggest market opportunities are based on unfulfilled demand for what you sell.

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Service Providers

Locate your competition and see how many people have searched online for your services, or if there is a pattern to your most profitable customers.

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CRE Brokerages & Finance

Connect your tenants and owners with more actionable data, insights, and sales narratives for any given property. Get accurate and relevant insights into local retail markets for risk and portfolio analysis based on matching intent with identity.

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Developers & Owners

Find the ideal tenant mix and the best use of your property through detailed and customized market void analysis. Or take advantage of our 1, 3, 5-mile radii demographic templates for any location in the US.

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See where your patients are located and how much spending exists for medical, healthcare, or insurance services within a census block group.

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Get the data and insights that make macro and micro environmental factors easier to understand, and make smarter decisions on community development projects.

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Marketing Agency

Target specific demographics and high-visibility areas for your clients. Get insight into where your client’s customer base is located through industry-leading data.

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Back up your gut instinct with industry-leading datasets that zero in on where your customers are and where you should place your franchise through territory cutting and analysis.

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Why Us?

Relevant, Updated, and Granular Data

Most of our datasets are updated monthly to provide you with relevant trends in your industry. See if what you sell is currently in demand for a city, neighborhood, census block, and even down to specific road segments.

Simplified Analytics

Our powerful and easy-to-use platform provides detailed insights that simplify analytics into easy-to-read and easy-to-understand heatmaps and reports at the lowest base cost amongst our competitors.

Flexible Solutions

Want one report or map? Unlimited access? Need a custom solution? Our platform is flexible, and we are confident that we have a pricing solution that will meet whatever budget you have.

Live Support & Training

Schedule a live training session for your team with one of our specialists, or call/chat online with us 7 days a week – all at no additional cost.

Snapshot Data in Real Time

We focus on providing the most accurate view of local retail markets in real time. We do not try to predict the future as there are simply too many variables in the retail market.

Powering commercial real estate decisions for over 15,000 growing businesses including:


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