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Everyone in business who works with data to gain an edge in their respective marketplaces likes to fancy themselves a “water diviner” akin to...

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The New Psychographics and How to Make It Actionable

One of the most important insights for the success of a good marketing campaign is understanding the customer. You need to know not only the...

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What Does New Tech Mean for Real Estate?

Every day, new technologies are changing the way we shop, order food, and gather information. It is increasingly making its way into every...

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Why We’re Here

IdealSpot was founded with one goal in mind: to help you make a better decision regarding site selection by understanding your local market.

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How Technology is Changing (Helping) the Retail Landscape

Self-checkouts at the supermarket and ordering groceries online are just the beginning of how retail is shifting towards the increasing use...

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More Data or Better Information That Tells a Story?

In the modern world of making analytical, data-driven decisions, we are often confronted with the thought of “I have all this data, but what...

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Case Study: Rucker Properties

Chuck Rucker has operated a successful real estate business for over a decade. Sacramento-based Rucker Properties holds and brokers both...

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For Brick-and-Mortar Retailers, Amazon is NOT the Enemy. It Should be Your Example.

There is no other retailer that analyzes big data to drive sales like Amazon. From tracking what’s highlighted in Kindle, to their patented...

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How to Find a Prime Retail Location Without Paying a Premium Price

Every retailer wants to open up their first store in that prime “main-and-main” location, that is, until they realize how much rent in that...

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