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Cloning Successful Locations

Your franchise has tens, hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of locations. As a business owner, you are focused on ensuring efficient...

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FAQ - Traffic Reports

What is included in your traffic reports?First, we include the industry standard Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT). This shows the typical...

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Territory Cutting - Affordable Heat Maps

The traditional 1/3/5 mile radius is an inaccurate way of determining territories and trade areas. It is much more modern, better and accurate..

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Location Analysis – Picking the Best Hands

Winning at poker requires discipline and strategy. Making the correctly sized bet for the cards that you are dealt. The best poker players...

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Location Analysis- Dollars and Cents

As a landlord, you work to ensure that the physical characteristics of your property check all the boxes; it is well-maintained, has good...

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Six Ways to Monetize Traffic Counts

Vehicle traffic is key to a successful retail location. However, not all traffic is created equal. Commuters, lunch crowds, and weekend...

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Everyone in business who works with data to gain an edge in their respective marketplaces likes to fancy themselves a “water diviner” akin to...

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The New Psychographics and How to Make It Actionable

One of the most important insights for the success of a good marketing campaign is understanding the customer. You need to know not only the...

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What Does New Tech Mean for Real Estate?

Every day, new technologies are changing the way we shop, order food, and gather information. It is increasingly making its way into every...

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