Why choose IdealSpot

Better data. Better analysis. Better decisions.
We are the only provider to give you a full suite of features and insights you need to analyze your local market. Stop paying for multiple services to get the whole picture for a location

Self-Service Location Intelligence Platform

We provide easy-to-understand, self-service reporting to drive location insights: consumer segmentation and rich demographic profiles, traffic & mobility patterns, and spending, market, and economic indexes.

Data Science as a Service

Sometimes you need a data expert on your team. Our data science consultants collaboratively work with you and your proprietary datasets to mine insights and help you make better investment decisions.

Data Connect Direct

Connect directly to a Snowflake database Instance to directly query your own geo-data on your own terms. No clunky API here.

API Connect

Use APIs to programmatically query data directly from our Platform IdealSpot has partnered with RapidAPI to give you no-fuss, transparent pricing.  Find a plan that best matches the scale you need for your application.