IdealSpot has Joined with Plotr to Further Unlock Data-Driven Real Estate Intelligence and Decisioning ūüéČ

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Connect directly to a Snowflake DB Instance to directly query your own data on your own terms. No API here.

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Access centralized, ready-to-query geolocation intelligence data.

Gain access to a variety of new datasets that you can immediately query, join with your own data, or add to dashboards or visualizations with your BI tool of choice.

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This is your local economy microscope

We offer precise, extensive, and frequently-updated local market data in the US.

Queryable Range

Our data is available across the entire US and can be queried at geographic scales ranging from the micro (Census block) through the macro (nation).

Data-Driven Decision Making

Better data and analysis leads to a better understanding of local market opportunities and risks.

Machine Learning Workflows

Integrate with your commercial real estate and marketing applications, machine learning workflows, and other investment analytics.

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Our goal is to offer the most complete snapshot of the geographically distributed consumer and retail economy. We start with the fundamentals of consumers and business establishments.

Invest In A Data-Driven Future

We believe that accurate capital allocation through reliable local market data is foundational to creating robust, healthy, and livable communities for all.


All You Can Do With IdealSpot

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USA - Hyper-Local Quarterly Population & Region Insights

Demographic, Economic, Social, and Spending Data for Counties, Census Tracts, and City Blocks. FIPS codes.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

2017 U.S. Business Economy NAICS codes, titles, descriptions, and parent-child hierarchical relationships.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Density Mapping

2017 NAICS codes by Geo Region (Coming Soon)

You're in good company

25,628+ registered businesses, across 12 commercial real estate verticals, use IdealSpot’s 3,000+ datasets and location science to help them build intelligence in their local markets.

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"With basics like demographics and traffic counts plus unique customer intent date, IdealSpot removes uncertainty by giving us the ability to quickly evaluate potential locations and make confident site selection decisions."

Sean Greenberg
Restauranteur, Pluckers

"IdealSpot helped me understand my target audience by going beyond demographics and showing me the local demand for my services. I was able to see where my opportunities are, and more importantly, aren't."

Chris Shonk
Franchisee, Massage Envy

"When I discover a new potential location, I now plot all the factors into the IdealSpot platform and simply share that data internally. enabling our team to view all of these individual data layers overlaid on a single report is a game changer."

Justin Metcalf
Private Equity, Legends Express Car Wash

"IdealSpot was able to differentiate us from traditional real estate developers that only showed demographics like household incomes... We were able to show all of that plus this next-level data to support why a particular retailer would be most beneficial and successful at a certain location."

Jesse Weber
Senior Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank

"The U.S. Census Bureau has [reports] that are very rudimentary and you can only narrow things down by pizza orders, or other random things that don't necessarily equate to your business... IdealSpot was worth the money, for sure."

Michael Portman
Co-Founder, Birds Barbershop

"We needed good site selection software, that does not only give data, but accurate and useful data."

James Fracht
Director of Real Esatte, Boston's Restaurant & Sports Bar
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