IdealSpot has Joined with Plotr to Further Unlock Data-Driven Real Estate Intelligence and Decisioning ūüéČ
IdealSpot has Joined with Plotr to Further Unlock Data-Driven Real Estate Intelligence and Decisioning ūüéČ

Data Science Consulting

What you get with Data Science Consulting

We take traditional demographic datasets and combine them with our proprietary and innovative intent datasets to provide unparalleled insight.

Consulting Engagements

Our hands-on consulting engagements are a collaborative approach to understand the nuanced business challenges you are facing while providing a short-cut to making better, informed decisions using data.

Proprietary Data Integration

Do you have proprietary performance data or other 3rd party datasets you want to leverage? We can create customized insights tailored to your business to help you make quicker decisions based on real-time knowledge.

Synthesis & Presentation

Data is packaged into a series of excel sheets for consumption and high-quality designed PDF presentations for delivery alongside our recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Expansion Efforts

Make data-driven decisions leveraging the power of location intelligence.

What are the key location factors that drive our business? What about high-performing locations differ from low-performing locations?
How do we identify optimal markets as we explore new regions for expansion?
Once we find prospective locations in specific regions, how do we deliberate between options to pick the most qualified options?

Territory Cutting and Trade Area Definition

Make data-driven decisions leveraging the power of location intelligence.

How do we cut territories or trade areas for our business?
How do we identify optimal markets through territory cutting or trade area definition?

Market Void / Gap Analysis and Tenant Recruiting

Make data-driven decisions leveraging the power of location intelligence.

What types of retailers fit the demographics and purchasing behavior of the local trade area? Which are the best fit for our development projects?
What does the competitive landscape look like for the most attractive business categories identified?
How do I create a compelling narrative for the tenants we want to recruit?

Proprietary Data Integration and White Labeled Platform

Make data-driven decisions leveraging the power of location intelligence.

Is there a way to use our own proprietary performance data?
Can we create customized insights tailored to our business to help us make quicker decisions through on-demand access to our data?
Can we purchase and use advanced datasets such as competitor POI locations or real-estate transaction histories?
Can you help us understand our customers?

Let's get started!

Here's how you collaboratively work with our team of data scientists, statisticians, and GIS experts.


Meet with us

Schedule a call with our team and we will discuss how to best serve you, answer any key questions you have, and discover how we help you solve the challenges that you are facing.


Scope of work

We present back to you a detailed scope of work and list of activities within a timeframe.  This way we're able to set expectations and guide you through the process of discovery.



We collaboratively work with you and your team through the lifecycle of the project, often meeting weekly such that we can collectively review progress, test assumptions, and formulate hypotheses.


Final presentation

As we are navigating through the project together, we are actually co-creating the final presentation with you. We package and present our findings, deliver to you data and models, and leave you with the confidence of understanding how to leverage this data into better decision making.

You're in good company

25,628+ registered businesses, across 12 commercial real estate verticals, use IdealSpot’s 3,000+ datasets and location science to help them build intelligence in their local markets.

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"With basics like demographics and traffic counts plus unique customer intent date, IdealSpot removes uncertainty by giving us the ability to quickly evaluate potential locations and make confident site selection decisions."

Sean Greenberg
Restauranteur, Pluckers

"IdealSpot helped me understand my target audience by going beyond demographics and showing me the local demand for my services. I was able to see where my opportunities are, and more importantly, aren't."

Chris Shonk
Franchisee, Massage Envy

"When I discover a new potential location, I now plot all the factors into the IdealSpot platform and simply share that data internally. enabling our team to view all of these individual data layers overlaid on a single report is a game changer."

Justin Metcalf
Private Equity, Legends Express Car Wash

"IdealSpot was able to differentiate us from traditional real estate developers that only showed demographics like household incomes... We were able to show all of that plus this next-level data to support why a particular retailer would be most beneficial and successful at a certain location."

Jesse Weber
Senior Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank

"The U.S. Census Bureau has [reports] that are very rudimentary and you can only narrow things down by pizza orders, or other random things that don't necessarily equate to your business... IdealSpot was worth the money, for sure."

Michael Portman
Co-Founder, Birds Barbershop

"We needed good site selection software, that does not only give data, but accurate and useful data."

James Fracht
Director of Real Esatte, Boston's Restaurant & Sports Bar
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