Why choose IdealSpot

Better data. Better analysis. Better local market intelligence.

Modern insights, simplified

We blend innovative and traditional datasets to empower you with better, easy-to-understand insights.

Everything you need, all on one platform

We are the only provider to give you a full suite of features and insights you need to analyze your local market. Stop paying forĀ multiple services to get the whole picture forĀ a location. Our datasets include:

Territory Cutting & Planning

Filtered Search

Success Correlation Analysis

Search Engine and Social Media Interest

Mortgage Risk

Traffic Counts


Market Void Analysis

Spending Data

Competitors Mapping

See consumer
demand, easily

Our unique search engine and social media data measures how much interest exists for your product or service. See how many people are searching for what you sell on multiple search engine sites as well as where they are located.

Compare locations and understand performance

See how your location(s) stack up against each other, or to the regional and national averages. Then find out why a site is underperforming through our success correlation analysis.

Integrate your
own data

Export our raw data to CSV and combine it with your own for deeper analysis.