With the IdealSpot platform, you can
better align people with commercial property

How is IdealSpot better? We take traditional identity datasets and combine them with our proprietary and innovative intent datasets to provide unparalleled information which gives you with a better understanding of your market.

Our datasets and intelligence

Prepare for demographic shifts and new demand trends


We have over 1,500 datasets in our demographics insight including income, education, crime index, ethnicity, household income and value, mortgage risk, occupation, language, and GDP, to name a few. Included in the $99 self-service report.

Consumer Demand

Nowhere else will you find this unique insight. Our consumer demand data tells you how much interest exists for what you sell, calculated from online searches and social media engagements. Use this dataset to discover new customers and where your product or service is in high demand. Included in the $99 self-service report.

Track changes in your
local competition

Competitive Mapping

We provide detailed maps that show you where your competitors are located and can filter them according to your own specifications. If you want to know why a competitor is doing well at a particular location, we can help you with that too. Included when you subscribe.

Retail Landscape

Understand the full scope of your targeted markets with insight into business counts by category, keyword-based business searches, and the number of employees. Included in the $99 self-service report.

Develop a deep understanding of vehicle and mobile device tracking patterns

Vehicle Day-Part Counts

We track the movement of people in and out of regions through traffic counts and mobile device tracking. Our data includes vehicle, public transportation, motorcycle, bicycle, walking, and many others. Included in the $99 self-service report.

Mobile Device Tracking

Regarding our Mobile Device Tracking data, we provide data on where they come from before stopping at a target location (origination), and where they go after they leave a target location (destination).

Make data-driven
local market decisions

Market Outlook

Track local GDP, economic viability, occupational salary trends, and mortgage risk exposure at both the local and national level. Included in the $99 self-service report.


Our spending insight provides spending patterns for hundreds of categories, such as basic market basket items, apparel and related services, healthcare, transportation, entertainment, pets, personal care, education, personal finance, and many more. Included in the $99 self-service report.

Mix, match, and model together multiple datasets to build actionable insights and stories on local markets and communities

Market Outlook

You can track local GDP, economic viability, occupational salary trends, and mortgage risk exposure at both the local and national level to help you see the bigger picture. Included in the $99 self-service report.

Market Void Analysis

All markets develop differently and often contain imbalances between supply and demand. We use our proprietary data and match it against a comprehensive database of businesses in the US to determine which categories are underserved in your trade areas. Included in the Growth or Pro subscription plan.

Success Correlation Analysis

We analyze your, or your competitor’s, current locations to identify the KPIs that correlate with success. Through this study, we can tell you why locations are performing differently to help you optimize your business across different regions or to target similar areas for expansion. Contact us to work with our professional services team to get this insight.

Filtered Location Search

In our filtered location search analysis (or regional filtered search report), we take your target region, break it down into subareas, and filter them through the criteria and KPIs (key performance indicators) that best match what you’re looking for. This allows us to paint for you a custom “treasure map” that shows where your customers are located. Contact us to work with our professional services team to get this insight.

25,628 registered businesses, across 12 commercial real estate verticals, use IdealSpot’s 3,000+ datasets and location science to help them build intelligence in their local markets.