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Have questions about your local retail markets? Good. We have answers. IdealSpot delivers easy to digest market reports, maps, and curated retail datasets that help our clients quickly get their answers.

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Work with our team of retail data scientists, statisticians, and GIS wizards to build your custom solution.

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Feature Comparison


Number of reports

1 5 Unlimited Includes:

  • Professional, high-resolution map design and printing
  • Correlation studies to find success factors among many locations
  • Territory cutting and analysis
  • Demographics and mapping of customers from customer addresses
  • Modeling from other proprietary data
  • Searching and filtering available commercial space

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Unlimited users

Collaborate with as many team members as you want

Site infographics and heatmaps

Create easy-to-understand and beautiful-looking reports and maps to tell you the perfect location for your business

Edit, Share, and Export

Easily edit and share your reports with your team and export them for your clients through email or printable PDFs

All datasets

Access to more than a dozen insights including traffic counts, demographics, search engine and social media data, spending, and competition mapping

All reporting templates

Access to pre-built templates including demand data, population and household trends, demographics, and traffic data

Unlimited team collaboration

Sync, store, share and edit reports with your team

Dedicated account manager

Set permission for each member of your team, add/delete reports, and manage your billing

Team training session

Schedule personalized, live training sessions with one of our experts to get your team up to speed with our products

Access to our data scientists, statisticians, and GIS experts

Receive on-demand technical support with our expert staff via email, chat, or phone

Personalized templates

Get reports that are specific to your restaurant, retail or site development

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Learn how we use Insights (datasets) to help you choose your next ideal location for your business, giving you an advantage over your competition!


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