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Better Data, Better Locations

Better data combined with careful analysis produces superior results. IdealSpot provides a variety of industries–retail, restaurants, commercial real estate, property development–all the necessary information and tools to successfully find and evaluate locations. We are passionate about making data accessible and actionable so you can quickly make informed decisions and grow your business.

Our founding team has decades of experience harnessing big data, including search and social, to solve business problems. Over two years ago we figured out how to geolocate different datasets. Fast forward to today and we now have the ability to tell retailers, definitively, where their customers are.

Leadership Team

We are a team of creative people with the shared vision to be the best at what we do. Ambitious, passionate and determined, we all work towards the same goal: to make our customers happy.


Marc Smookler


John Prior

VP of Data Science

Josh Winters

Director of Product

Aidan Garza

Director of Engineering

Chaz Branham

Director of Sales

Andrew Hunter



These are some of the publications that have written about how we’re changing how everyone from small shop owners, to big-time retail brokers find the best possible locations.


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