What Makes One of America’s Coolest Stores Cool?

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Jewelry store?

What adjectives come to your mind when you think of a jeweler?

Do you think cool, innovative and tech savvy? Not usually, right?

INSTORE magazine was kind enough to ask me to judge their Coolest Stores in America Contest. Veloce Jewelry by Medawar was the winner in the small store category (full disclosure: I voted for them too). What is so cool about the store? What is the story behind what they have created? Here are the words of their founder Christina Medawar:

“At Veloce, we believe in breaking the rules and taking the lead. Veloce was founded on using innovation and cutting-edge technology to cultivate the best shopping experience and to make high-end fashion jewelry accessible to anyone.”

You can learn all about Veloce and why they won.  You can also check out this short video walkthrough of the store.

What other brands of stores does this experience remind you of? Have you seen any other jewelry stores with similar experiences? Would you likely tell others about your experience here?

Hopefully, this will get you thinking how you might apply some of these ideas to your business.

Last week, I was the keynote presenter at the MarketingVitals Restaurant Intelligence Summit where we discussed these and some other innovative ideas. Next week, I will share some insights from the summit.

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