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Better Commercial Real-Estate Data for All

IdealSpot helps everyone in commercial real estate better understand their local retail markets through the use of better data and insights. 

For instance, what are the wants, needs, and signaled purchase intent(s) of a local populace. 

By mixing datasets like signaled purchase intent, identity, traffic, competitive landscape, and commercial real estate availability, IdealSpot is able to help anyone that is either directly or indirectly affected by the continual shifts and changes in commercial real estate. 

Over the past three years, IdealSpot has provided data and insights to a number of verticals and industries to better understand and react to their local markets including: showing retailers when and where there is unfulfilled demand to help them in selection or site optimization, providing developer/owners their ideal tenant mix, giving brokers their most actionable sales narrative, even helping last-mile delivery and supply chain services for retail. 

On a daily basis, we are witnessing more and more examples of how better retail data is empowering more than just the direct retailers themselves to make better decisions. A dollar spent at a physical location trickles down to many tangential businesses and services and we are helping them all. 

Select one of the use cases below to see how IdealSpot data and insights helped them.

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Our classic and highest demand use case. Retailers, restaurateurs, and services providers create IdealSpot reports and maps – using our existing templates or by building custom templates – to help them determine the optimal location(s) to grow their business and to perform competitive analysis. This use case centers around IdealSpot’s unique demand data that is gathered and analyzed from implied interest in social media and stated intent in online searches. For instance, if you are Pluckers and looking to expand your sports bar to another location in your city, you can see how many people in a selected neighborhood recently searched for the nearest “Sports Bar” or were discussing their interest in sports bars with friends.

Read case studies (more coming soon):

Birds Barbershop

How data science helped rule out hunches and opinions.

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Massage Envy

Using better data to audit existing retail locations and to expand to new areas.

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Pluckers Wing Bar

How IdealSpot helped Pluckers grow in new and unfamiliar markets.

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Location Optimization

Another way to grow. Sometimes the most critical need is not a new location, but to improve performance of existing locations. IdealSpot’s demand data provides businesses a lens into the needs and desires of the local populace and workforce. By better understanding what a local populace wants, businesses are able to better serve their customers and increase sales. For example, by understanding what genres / types of movies people in the area want to see, Alamo Drafthouse can better determine the right mix of movies to show on their screens, resulting in happier moviegoers and increased ticket sales. Or a grocery store such as Publix can more effectively plan their merchandise mix by location according to the shopper’s demand in that specific area.

Case studies coming soon.

Boston’s Pizza

How Search Engine Data Helped a Pizza Parlor Find New Customers

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Ideal Tenant Mix

This is our second-half of the “Every Business Has an Ideal Location, and Every Location Has an Ideal Business” mission. IdealSpot combines geo-located customer demand and industry standard datasets like demographics and traffic, with current market availability data to provide commercial real-estate developers and landlords insights into which businesses would excel best in their space. For instance, for a given shopping mall address, let’s say there were 100,000 searches for Yoga over the last 30 days within a 15 min drive time, but no Yoga studios—obviously the landlord should immediately reach out to Core Power Yoga and let them sign a lease.

Case studies coming soon.



Supply and demand. IdealSpot is the first commercial real-estate data platform to combine supply and demand. The signaled purchase intent data we collect and analyze, combined with current real-estate market availability data, provides all the information that brokers need to optimize and close deals.

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One of the main drivers of the realignment occurring in retail is a shift in how consumers purchase and receive goods. A winning strategy not only includes optimization of retail locations, but also optimization of distribution channels and inventory warehousing. To compete with massive ecommerce sites, retailers need to know what products need to be where – before the consumer even purchases them. IdealSpot’s demand data solves this puzzle, allowing retailers to warehouse products where demand is – all the way down to the last mile.

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