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We have partnered with INRIX to provide you with the most accurate traffic data on the market. Through the use of GPS signals, cell towers, traffic cameras, and mobile devices, you get traffic data that is superior to inaccuracies gathered from road strips or manually counted cars.


We bring you the next generation of traffic data that includes insight into where your customers are coming from and where they are going to after leaving your location. Get traffic counts for both sides of the street as well as hourly, daily, weekly, and annual traffic.


Most public providers only track average annual daily traffic. That means that these providers spend a couple of weeks manually counting cars and average that count over the course of a whole year, and those counts can be up to a decade old! We track data via GPS and mobile devices to always give you a snapshot of the most current trends.

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Find where your customers are located and where the biggest market opportunities are based on unfulfilled demand for what you sell.

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Locate your competition and see how many people have searched online for your services, or if there is a pattern to your most profitable customers.

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Connect your tenants and owners with more actionable data, insights, and sales narratives for any given property. Get accurate and relevant insights into local retail markets for risk and portfolio analysis based on matching intent with identity.

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See where your patients are located and how much spending exists for medical, healthcare, or insurance services within a census block group.


Get the data and insights that make macroeconomic trends easier to understand, and make smarter decisions on community development projects.

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Optimize your distribution channels and inventory warehousing by knowing where and which products need to be stocked.


Back up your gut instinct with industry-leading datasets that zero in on where your customers are and where you should place your franchise through territory cutting and analysis.

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