How IdealSpot Helps Restaurant Owners

IdealSpot combines local customer demand for certain types of food with demographics, vehicle traffic data, and mapping intelligence to find and evaluate great locations for your restaurant.

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Historically, restaurant owners have been forced to rely on stale demographics and aggregate vehicle traffic counts to help them evaluate locations. Now, with IdealSpot, you can seamlessly blend these traditional methodologies with powerful new datasets, including mapping local demand for your type of restaurant, to provide accurate insights into your site selection and evaluation.

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    Objective, Real-Time Market Data

    Modern restauranting has moved beyond focusing on what people look like (demographics), to discovering who people are based on their expressed interests, needs, and purchase preferences. IdealSpot collects customer data based on signaled purchase intent, and transforms it into powerful tools you can use to find the perfect location for your business.

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    Communication and Collaboration Tools

    Easily share your maps, invite clients and team members to your account with a corresponding level of access, and monitor the activities of your team through your activity feed. You can leave notes, upload files, and input estimated revenues for any location on your map. All location data is exportable for further analysis, or you can create a custom PDF report and select the data required for your presentation.

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    Democratized Pricing

    Until now, the only available options for site selection were to hire an expensive consultant, or spend hundreds of hours gathering, organizing, and analyzing data from dozens of sources. IdealSpot provides all the data and tools you need to evaluate locations at affordable prices with no annual contracts.

Case Study: Pluckers Wing Bar


Pluckers’ location growth is constrained by their ability go get comfortable with new/unfamiliar markets. Their broker’s interests aren’t aligned with theirs, and they don’t trust value-add service providers to fill-in their knowledge gaps.

Sports Bar demand for Austin TX in October 2016
Sports Bar demand for Austin TX in October 2016
Mapping competitive locations in Austin TX
Mapping competitive locations in Austin TX

Pluckers growth plan was stuck in first gear because they knew that relying solely on demographics are not enough, and revenue prediction models are not accurate. They had to rely on the painstaking process of getting familiar with every market targeted for expansion.

This all changed when the Pluckers team discovered IdealSpot. According to Sean Greenberg, owner of Pluckers, "IdealSpot gave us the ability to quickly evaluate new markets and potential locations. By helping us understand who wants our product, and where these people are, on-top of the basics like demographics and traffic counts, we were able to quickly evaluate opportunities in new markets and make confident site selection decisions".

Sean doesn't care about the age, ethnicity, education level, or gender of any customer that walks through his doors. He just cares that they like wings, enjoy wall-to-wall tv screens showing all sports all the time, and they like trivia night.


IdealSpot, through better data, unlocked/unblocked their growth by helping them understand the demand for their product/service in their targeted cities instead of relying on, according to them, "fortune telling". They are now fast-tracking their growth plans.


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