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Search Engine data

Our unique geolocated dataset allows you to understand what products or services consumers are looking for and where those people are located. See how many people have searched online for your products or services by mile radius, or by drive, bike, walk, and transit time.

Social Media data

Social media data capture announcements, likes, shares, check-ins, posts, and other social media signals to give you insight into how much interest exists for your product or service within your community.

Understand spending habits

Get the latest spending trends for thousands of retail and restaurant categories – such as healthcare services, gasoline, steakhouses, sports equipment, men and women’s clothing, bakeries, movie tickets, pet food, Chinese food, etc. If you sell it, we’ll have the spending data for it on our platform.

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Over 500 categories to choose from

We have data for over 500 retail product and service categories for you to find what you’re looking for, including, fast food, car washes, cameras, spas, music venues, auto repair shops, plumbing services, pharmacies, bakeries, sports and recreation, ice cream parlors, florists, pizza, skydiving, bowling, etc. If you sell it, we’ll have it on our platform.

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Why IdealSpot?

Modern insights, simplified
We seamlessly blend innovative and traditional datasets to empower you with better, easy-to-understand insights. For instance, we merge hundreds of datasets like demographics, traffic, mobile device tracking, retail and restaurant spending, etc. with our unique search engine traffic and social media trends to provide the most comprehensive site analysis available. Additionally, most of our datasets are updated monthly to provide you with the most up-to-date trends in your industry.

Unmatched data to understand your customers’ journey
Know the steps your customers took from initial search to purchase. We are able to answer questions like how many times, and in which areas, people have searched for your product or service through search and social media data, where they are coming from via traffic data, and who your customers are based on multiple demographic insights.

Easily sharable, flexible pricing
Our online platform enables you to quickly create custom reports and maps, export raw data, and share it with your team or clients through a trackable link. And no matter who you are, we have a flexible pricing plan that will fit your needs. Starting at $99, pay for single reports or subscribe for more features and insights.

Understand what makes a location successful
See how your locations stack up against each other, or how they compare against national and regional averages.