INRIX the world leader of roadway traffic data and IdealSpot, the premier provider of real-time market data to help businesses find ideal locations, are joining forces to make powerful INRIX traffic data available easily within IdealSpot.

IdealSpot users now easily view Vehicle Traffic data by:

– Time of Day
– Day Part
– Day of the Week
– Side of the road

Sourced from over 300 million anonymous drivers and devices you can now quickly gain Vehicle Data that matters most to your business.

Why This Matters: Is your restaurant a cafe or fine dining? Total traffic along your roadway is important but don’t miss the mark if it’s during the wrong part of the day to gain your ideal clients. INRIX Vehicle Traffic data enables IdealSpot users with the data granularity to make smart location decisions.

Historically Vehicle Traffic data like this was only available in expensive packages fueling enterprise retail operators to make major business decisions. Our new partnership enables IdealSpot subscribers to easily toggle vehicle traffic data as a layer, viewing traffic data on freeways, major arteries, local roads and connectors. Coupled with seamless drive-time and demographic data you now have a more powerful tool to choose ideal locations for new or future locations.

View a video demonstration here and contact us for a live demo. 

With IdealSpot now offering INRIX vehicle data anyone can access this through the IdealSpot map. Simply activate the Vehicle Traffic layer and begin querying by freeways, major arteries and other criteria.

 Vehicle Traffic Data SS


For more details read the FAQs about our partnership with INRIX.

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