Demographics, Traffic Counts, Search Engine/Social Media
Data, Spending Patterns, Competition Maps, Void Analysis
and so much more in an easy-to-use platform.

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IdealSpot helps everyone in the
Commercial Real Estate Industry


Tenant Rep & Site Selectors

Find the ideal location for your client’s products and services.

  • Compare multiple locations and benchmark against county, state, and national averages
  • Identify market voids based on social media and search engine data
  • Uncover demographic similarities of your client’s top and bottom performing locations, then use those similarities to zero in on the top trade areas for new locations
  • Utilize our territory planning with sophisticated mapping tools, and find competitors to reduce cannibalization
  • Plot addresses of employees to determine drive time impact of new locations

Landlord Reps & Owners

Strategically fill vacancies by identifying the products and services that are in high demand for your listing.

  • Generate market void reports and demonstrate demand for over 2,000 products and services
  • Annotate market maps and aerials with retailer logos and points-of-interest
  • Access hourly traffic counts, demographics, spending habits, and much more
  • Identify where customers are coming from or where they go after they leave your property
  • Generate professional-looking demographic reports that promote the strengths of your property

Investment Brokers

Connect buyers with sellers by delivering accurate and relevant data and insights for any given property.

  • Analyze rent roll stability based on social media and search engine data for existing tenants
  • Position your property by producing easy-to-understand and actionable demographic insights
  • Generate amenity maps for investment packages
  • Identify alternative uses for building re-purposing


Identify the ideal tenant mix and the best use of your site through detailed and customized market void analysis.

  • Identify the areas with the largest demand for specific products and services
  • Locate optimal development trade areas based on your Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Generate professional-looking demographic reports that promote the strengths of your property

Mix and match from over 30 datasets for just $99 per report.
Or subscribe to compare multiple sites against one another, unlock
additional datasets and features, and get unlimited access.

Close deals faster with our unique insights

See where there is interest for your client’s product or service

We collect online searches and social media data to tell you how much interest there is for hundreds of retail products and services. Seeing this, you can know consumers’ preference, their interest, and what they are planning to buy. Take the guesswork out of trying to predict what someone is going to buy through spending trends and get raw data that tells you how many times people have searched for your client’s product in any location in the US.

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Traffic counts for the 21st century

Get accurate, detailed, and updated traffic information for 1.8+ million road segments throughout the US. By using GPS signals, cell towers, traffic cameras, and mobile devices, you get traffic data that is far superior to inaccuracies gathered from road strips or manually counted cars. We provide traffic counts for both sides of the street as well as hourly, daily, weekly, and annual traffic.

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Find underserved industries

After you find the location to build, find out what you SHOULD build. All markets develop differently and may often contain imbalances between supply and demand. We use our proprietary data on supply and demand and match it against a comprehensive database of businesses in the US to determine which categories are most underserved in your trade areas.

Understand spending trends

Get the latest spending trends for hundreds of retail and restaurant categories – like men’s and women’s clothing, steakhouses, new or used car sales, jazz cafes, Chinese food, juice bars, medical services, pet food, music instruments, theaters, etc. If you sell it, we’ll have the spending data for it on our platform.

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Search and rank any area through filters

Our Filtered Search tool allows you to search a region by combining multiple datasets to understand where the best areas are that matches your specific criteria. Then rank how vital each insight is to see the overall score for an area by giving more weight to specific insights through our ranking slider.

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Further your analysis by working with our
team of data scientists and GIS experts

We start with our Success Correlation Study where we analyze a business’s current locations to identify the KPIs that correlate with success, or failure.

Then we take those KPIs that correlate to success and match them across all targeted regions to help identify the neighborhoods that will give a higher chance of success.

Lastly, we will build a custom template where you can run any address in the US to see a score, rank, and risk analysis for future expansion.

Get immediate access to all of our CRE brokerage data for a low monthly price,
or work with our team for a custom rate that fits your needs

Why IdealSpot?

Actionable, up-to-date intelligence
We cut down on all the noisy CRE data and deliver only actionable reports, maps, and stories on local markets, allowing you to focus solely on what’s relevant for your clients. Additionally, most of our datasets are updated monthly to provide you with the most up-to-date trends in your industry.

Better data for better stories
We seamlessly blend innovative and traditional datasets to empower you with better insights. For instance, we merge hundreds of datasets like demographics, traffic, mobile device tracking, retail spending, etc. with our unique search engine traffic and social media trends to provide the most comprehensive site analysis available.

Easily sharable
Our online platform enables you to quickly create custom reports and maps, export raw data, and share it with your team or clients through a trackable link.

Live Support & Training
Schedule a live training session for your team with one of our specialists, or call/chat online with us 7 days a week – all at no additional cost.