How To Get Started With IdealSpot

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Below is a step-by-step guide to get you started to create an IdealSpot map for your business.

1. If you haven’t done so already, please create an account by clicking on the top right “Getting Started” link and enter your name, email, and create a password.

Create Account

2. Next screen: Add your business name, category and location:

Add Business

3. Depending on if you are expanding your business or starting a new business, your map will be populated with your business locations, and some competitors in the area. In the screenshot below we are adding a new one from scratch. IdealSpot’s Free Demographics layer is already turned for total population. The shading of each area represents population density. Darker areas have higher population density and lightly shaded areas have lower population density.


4. You can toggle Demographics on/off by clicking the toggle button to the left of Demographics.


5. You can expand the demographic categories by clicking the downward pointing arrow next to the category name and selecting the criteria that you want to see on your map.


6. Click any zip code area to get basic demographic information for that zip code. You’ll see this open on the left side of your screen.


7. Now lets plot your existing or potential locations. Click the Locations icon.

8. Add a location by clicking the + icon.


9. When adding locations, make sure to mark them as My Location, Competitors, Target, or Feeder (feeder locations are locations that make for good neighbors to your business). You can add businesses by Address, Name or Keyword.


10. You should now see the recently added locations appear on your map.


11. When finished, close the Locations slider by clicking on the X.


12. You can open the layers area to be able to view by alternative map views and toggle locations.


13. From this menu you can toggle map views, change what locations appear on your map, or switch between zip codes and census block groups when viewing demographics.


14. From this menu you can expand a particular category under Location Layers to toggle Markers, Buffer and Labels. Buffers initially gives you a 1 mile radius around the location. Paid IdealSpot subscriptions enable you to add different size rings as well as drive-time polygons.


15. If you would like to compare locations side by side, export data in a .csv file, or get a formatted output of IdealSpot data in a .pdf report you must subscribe to our pro tools.


16. Subscribe in app by clicking the blue upgrade button, or contact us to speak with an account rep, or schedule a demonstration of our premium features: (512) 537-1111.


Some premium data layers include: Advanced Demographics (over 6,000 categories), Vehicle Traffic Data (sourced from over 300 million GPS enabled devices), Demand (geo-located demand for your specific product or service based on social media and search engine activity over the last 30 days) and Market Gap – Identifying under/over supplied markets for your specific product or service.


Want more information? More insights such as Demand, Vehicle Traffic, and Market Gap Analysis? Contact us for a detailed live demonstration to learn how we will help you find and select your IdealSpot. You can also call us anytime on (512) 537-1111.


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