How IdealSpot Helps Gyms and Fitness Centers

IdealSpot helps gym and fitness centers find their ideal locations by providing the best retail data, insights and maps.

For instance, when and where are people signaling that they want a gym in their area? Fill out a few questions about your gym and get easy to understand reports that relate to your business – like health and fitness, dieting, exercise, running, etc. Simply put, IdealSpot is the easiest way for anyone within commercial real estate to get a better understanding of their local markets.

We map retail demand (purchase intent), combine it with identity and traffic data and compare it against the retail landscape to find your market opportunities.

Use Cases

Case Study: Birds Barbershop

Trying to find where to place the next retail location that matches their target audience of hipster millennial in a new city. 

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Case Study: Legends Express Car Wash

Aggregating multiple datasets into a single, easy-to-read report to make the decision process easier.

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Case Study: Massage Envy

Using better data to audit existing retail locations and to expand to new areas.

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Every Location Has an Ideal Business, and Every Business Has an Ideal Location

IdealSpot helps retailers, commercial real estate developers and owners, and the service providers connecting them all, to better understand local retail markets through better data.


Local Retail Data and Insights

We help everyone in commercial real estate better understand their local retail market(s) by mapping and modeling their relevant retail data.

Retail Site Selection and Matching

We match retailers to their ideal locations, and locations to their ideal retailers by understanding the local demand of products and services, the retail landscape, and the commercial real estate availability.

Location Auditing and Optimization

By better understanding local retail markets, in real-time, we help our clients better react to their changing environment—for instance, showing the monthly increase or decrease of demand for their product or service.

IdealSpot is the smart choice for retail market intelligence

Democratized local retail data and insights

Free, quick, and easy answers to location and retail questions

Simple pricing; no contracts or expensive consultants

Reduced risk by understanding real-time purchase intent