Custom Reports

What Are You Looking For?

IdealSpot helps clients in one of two ways – either online through our self-service platform, or collaboratively through our team of data scientists, statisticians, and GIS experts. On the IdealSpot platform, anyone in commercial real estate can break down locations and local markets in a quick, easy, and cheap self-service process. But sometimes more is needed. Reach out to the IdealSpot team using the contact window on this page.

Expansion Efforts

Your Questions

1. What are the key factors that drive our business (especially the thriving locations)?

2. How do we identify optimal markets as we explore new regions for expansion?

3. Once we find prospective locations in specific regions, how do we deliberate between options to pick the most qualified options?

Our Solutions

  • Send us your locations in ranking order from most successful to least successful.
  • Our team will cull millions of data points for each location in order to tease out correlations. These are the insights we need to build your data enabled archetype.
  • We look at demographics, demand data through social media, 24/7 traffic studies, spending habits and consumer behavior.
  • Then, we use your success archetype to conduct a reverse search for any statistical area around the country to highlight the regions that most closely match the criteria for your success archetype. This is your treasure map for expansion and growth.
  • Sun Tzu said, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Send us addresses of high performing competition and we can add them to the correlation study.
  • As you find prospective locations, send them to us and we can rank them by the same criteria discovered for your success archetype.

Territory Cutting and Trade Area Definition

Your Questions

1. How do we cut territories or trade areas for our business?

2. How do we identify optimal markets through territory cutting or trade area definition?

Our Solutions

  • Send us any constraints/limits for the your trade areas or territories. These are the items that define how the areas are drawn.
  • Armed with your success archetype and any additional constraints, we can draw customized territories for your business.
  • Additionally, we can highlight the most attractive markets across the country based on your success archetype. These will represent optimal market opportunities.
  • We can complete this process for the entire USA.

Market Void / Gap Analysis and Tenant Recruiting

Your Questions

1. What types of retailers are the best fit for our development projects?

2. What does the competitive landscape look like for the most attractive business categories identified?

3. How do I create a compelling narrative for the tenants we want to recruit?

Our Solutions

  • We rank the top 10 most underserved business categories within any city, zip code, census block group or by location with custom radii or drive time.
  • Data utilized for our market void: 2016 demographics, demand data through trends in search engine usage, social network activity, spending habits and consumer behaviors.
  • To properly identify the competitive landscape for the underserved categories, we will map out all the relative competition and display it through various maps and data tables for easy identification.
  • Then, we can help you create compelling marketing materials to attract the tenants you want for your projects.

Proprietary Data Integration and White Labeled Platform

Your Questions

1. Is there a way to use our high value data through the IdealSpot platform?

2. Can we create customized insights tailored to our business to help us make quicker decisions through on-demand access to our data?

Our Solutions

  • We create a portal for you to upload your data to the IdealSpot platform.
  • To create customized data insights and layers we will work closely with you to define these insights so we can pair them with our various quantitative and qualitative outputs.
  • You’ll need the ability to export numerous reports and data sets, we will design export functionality customized to your needs.
  • We can also design ranking and scoring algorithms specific to your business that are displayed on your white labeled platform and exportable reports.

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