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IdealSpot combines geo-located customer demand with current market data to provide a complete view of the retail landscape.

How Does IdealSpot Help

Brokers & Developers?

Construct compelling narratives around any location in the United States. Develop a complete picture of the retail landscape with Market Gap and Market Void analysis. Combine geo-located demand data with demographics and traffic to see the flow of potential customers near your location(s). Export any location data for further analysis, or use the report builder to create polished document that can immediately be shared with collaborators, clients, and prospective tenants.

  • Objective, Real-Time Market Data

    Modern retail has moved beyond focusing on what people look like (demographics), to discovering who people are based on their expressed interests, needs, and purchase preferences. IdealSpot collects customer data, based on signaled purchase intent, and transforms it into powerful tools you can use to find great locations for your clients and attractive long-term tenants for your properties.

  • Market Void Analysis

    Market Void combines proprietary geo-located demand data (Search Intent and Social Interest) with Market Gap Analysis to produce a list of the most underserved business categories in an area. You can see the amount of unmet customer demand for a neighborhood, city, or state. Landlords, developers, and city planners looking for long-term tenants get a list of the most attractive businesses to pursue, and business owners can find locations surrounded by underserved customers.

  • Communication and Collaboration Tools

    Easily share your maps, invite clients and team members to your account with a corresponding level of access, and monitor the activities of teammates and clients through your activity feed. You can leave notes, upload files, and input estimated revenues for any location on your map. All location data is exportable for further analysis, or you can create a custom PDF report and select the data required for your presentation.


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