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For Brick-and-Mortar Retailers, Amazon is NOT the Enemy. It Should be Your Example.

By March 20, 2018 September 18th, 2018 No Comments

There is no other retailer that analyzes big data to drive sales like Amazon. From tracking what’s highlighted in Kindle, to their patented anticipatory shipping model which ships items that are likely to be purchased to a warehouse in their customer’s location, to a personalized recommendation system, Amazon uses services like these to learn about their customer’s interests in order to sell them products based on what they want.

Unlike traditional retailers that are focused on products, Amazon is focused on their customers: what they want, need, or are interested in. In Jeff Bezos’ data-driven world, capturing information about their customer is key. On the Amazon Web Services website, it goes over the benefits of customer analytics.

“Before you do anything else, you should gather basic demographic information about your customers… Understanding your customers’ preferences goes a long way in building a great product and delighting your customers.”

It goes on to say that the benefits of capturing this data will give you a better understanding of your users’ interests, and once you know their interests you can then enhance your business or highlight products based on their interest and need.

Unlike traditional retailers that are focused on products, Amazon is focused on their customers.

That’s great for Amazon, but what about ME!?

Amazon has built their data-driven business model over the course of many years through testing and failure, while you most likely do not have the resources to get this type of insight.

But what if you could?

Similar to Amazon knowing what they should sell to whom, we have spent years collating data and have built a platform that can give you insight to knowing what products are in high-demand, and where your customers are located.

Not only can you get insight into purchase intent, you can use our web application to find traffic counts, demographics, spending, and much more. Or talk to one of our specialists to go more in-depth with territory cutting and market void studies.

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